We are innovative in our investment strategy, consistently searching for cutting edge technology and investing for the future.

We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

Key Attributes

Our networks branch across multiple spheres, and we can utilize proprietary offerings to allow cross investments. By sponsoring private events, our clients get to know each other in an informal way, spawning more expansive and fruitful relationships.

We work to have a deep understanding of clients’ priorities, helping them understand their risk appetite & tolerance, time horizon, and set their return goals. By managing risk return expectations, we ensure that our clients are informed, engaged, and comfortable.

We invest alongside our clients, holding the same stocks and private start-ups as they do.

 We focus on value investing, buying future cash flows of a business at a discount to its intrinsic value. This could mean paying a high P/E Ratio for a company with a strong moat and high growth rates or a low P/E Ratio for a company trading below its net asset value. Our goal is to hold businesses that compound their value over time, and we buy them at a discounted price with a sizable margin of safety.

Our Services

Independent Strategy

As a multi-family office, exposure to our clients’ decades of expertise in various sectors allows us to cultivate a differentiated perspective on investment. We also draw on a number of well-recognized investment research firms to assemble a wide range of insight from experts representing both the buy and sell-side of investment.

Consolidated Reporting

We provide a top-down strategic overview of all our clients’ holdings, with multiple options for assessment and review. Our clients can use our robust reporting capabilities to oversee all their accounts at various institutions, as well as non-bankable assets such as private company investments, venture capital funds, real estate and art equity.

Unique Investment Platform

With wide access to investment opportunities across the spectrum, we are never incentivized to sell the products of any particular firm. We strive to cultivate investment managers with a similar family office orientation, providing superior risk-adjusted return and transparency while avoiding the standard professional money managers. We also negotiate on our clients’ behalf to obtain favorable pricing for investment access and transactions, providing our clients access at institutional pricing.

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